Youth Ministry


Youth Ministry programs empower young people to live lives as Jesus intended us, as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today. They help youth to make the right connections and grow more alike in His image. So many of our youth bring joy, enthusiasm, and a love for Christ to our parishes. We also know many young people face barriers in their faith journey during their formative years.

Each parish is unique and youth ministry programs vary from parish to parish and county to county. The Generations of Faith –  Endowing Our Future with Hope campaign will raise $3,900,000 for the Youth Ministry Endowment. This endowment will serve as an aid to initiate and enhance youth ministry in parishes and mission parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Mobile. Once the endowment is fully funded parishes will be able to apply for grants to best serve their youth ministry programs.

How will funds from the Youth Ministry Endowment be distributed?

  • Each parish and parish mission will be able to decide on the best way to initiate or enhance youth ministry at their parish.

  • Applications will be invited from all parishes and parish missions in the Archdiocese of Mobile to initiate or enhance their youth ministry programs. Each parish will apply in writing to state the need or kind of program they plan to initiate or enhance.

  • Grants made from the new fund will be directed by a committee made up of both priest and laypeople.

  • Pastors will submit applications to the Grant Reviewing Committee which will be made up of 2 individuals appointed by Presbyteral Council, 2 individuals appointed by Finance Council, and 1 individual appointed by the Archbishop.

  • Once the endowment is fully funded ($3,900,000) by the campaign formula the committee will decide how to distribute the funds to bolster youth ministry throughout the archdiocese. At 5%, the fund will produce approximately $195,000 per year to be distributed throughout the archdiocese.