Campaign Goal: $30,000,000


Seminarian Formation Endowment:


Priests’ Retirement Endowment:


Youth Ministry Endowment:


Strengthening Parishes:


Administrative Costs:

Seminarian Formation

To teach Jesus Christ, fully present in the Eucharist, we need priests. Seminarians today are the priests of tomorrow – priests who will help grow our parishes and missions. Priests who will teach, provide the Eucharist, hear confessions, baptize our children and grandchildren, and anoint us at our time of need. This endowment fund will invest in the formation of our future priests and ensure the sacramental life of future generations.

Priest Retirement

The men who are ordained to the priesthood for our Archdiocese give their lives in service to our community. Even when their years of active ministry end, they never retire from their vocation to the priesthood but continue to serve us through prayer. This endowment fund will help address the escalating future retirement needs of our priests.

Strengthening Parishes

Investing in strong parishes is a central component of the campaign. Our parish and missions are the heart of our Archdiocese. Each parish is rooted in the Church, but has its own identity and unique needs. This campaign will have a significant impact on parishes, with 20% of funds raised up to goal remaining in parishes and parish missions to address local needs.

Youth Ministries

A strong Church tomorrow requires today’s youth to remain active and engaged members of the Church in their adulthood. The Youth Ministry Endowment will serve as an aid to initiate or enhance youth ministry in parishes and parish missions throughout the Archdiocese of Mobile.