Frequently Asked Questions

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Generations of Faith is an endowment campaign to raise $30 million in gifts and pledges for seminarian formation, priest retirement, youth ministries, and local parish needs.

All parishes and missions will participate in the campaign during specific “blocs” of activity from 2019-2021. The Pilot Bloc will run from August 2019-January 2020 and will be followed with Blocs 1 and 2 in subsequent six-month periods thereafter.

Every parish is assigned a goal that is based on 125% of its average offertory income over a three-year period (2016, 2017, & 2018), then rounded to the nearest $5,000.

Each parish will conduct their own Generations of Faith campaign and receive professional support from a campaign director every step of the way. Successful campaigns are rooted in five principles:
1. Prayer
2. Personal visits
3. Proportionate giving
4. Phased approaches
5. Pledged commitments

A campaign of this scope is being undertaken to ensure a vibrant and stable future of hope for our archdiocese. The endowments created through this campaign will provide for our seminarians, retired priests, and youth ministry efforts at the local parish and mission level. The impact of this campaign will last for generations to come.

Offertory is expected to remain constant during Generations of Faith’s five-year pledge period. On many occasions, parishes have experienced noticeable increases in offertory giving in the years following the conclusion of the campaign.

A strong Church tomorrow requires today’s
youth to remain active and engaged
members of the Church in their adulthood.
The Youth Ministry Endowment will serve as
an aid to initiate or enhance youth ministry in
parishes and missions throughout the

Parishes will begin to receive their allotted
funds the quarter after their campaign
begins. The amount that each parish receives
will vary, based off of cash received and
pledge redemption to-date

The cost of the campaign relative to the $30
million goal is 7%. This cost includes
professional fundraising counsel for two years,
printed promotional materials for more than
24,000 families, specially produced campaign
videos, database management and gift
acknowledgment and pledge fulfillment for
thousands of donors. All costs are flat fees for
services performed.

A pledge amount is suggested for each
household to reach the $30 million goal. Each
household’s financial situation is different.
Please pray about a gift proportionate to your

Pledges may be paid in installments over five
years, allowing families to make larger
commitments than they might otherwise
consider. Pledged gifts are typically four to five
times larger than a one-time gift.

By law, all gifts are in fact tax-deductible. You
will receive an acknowledgement of your gift
for tax purposes. Please consult with your tax
and financial experts for additional help on
this matter.

Yes, however, the Blocs of campaign activity have been aligned in a way that does not directly overlap with the Catholic Charities Appeal. Generations of Faith is unique, as it will provide endowments for the future of the archdiocese, while the Catholic Charities Appeal provides for other ministries of the archdiocese.

No, campaign funds raised through Generations of Faith will not support the same elements that the Catholic Charities Appeal supports. Generations of Faith will provide endowment funds for seminarian education, priest retirement, and youth ministry at the local parish and mission level. In addition, the campaign will support local parish projects.

Our parishes are the heart of our archdiocese, and we must ensure their strength and stability. Generations of Faith will strengthen local parishes by allotting $6 million in funds to support local projects that have been decided by the parishioners and pastors of each local church. Every parish and mission will receive 20% of all funds raised up to their archdiocesan goal to address defined local projects and needs. Once a parish has surpassed their goal, 80% of every dollar raised above goal will remain with the parish for additional local investment.

Generations of Faith will direct $18 million to supporting the holy men who serve us, both in their seminary years and through their retirement. This archdiocese is currently blessed with 21 young men that are following God’s calling to the priesthood. The archdiocese currently has 25 retired priests, and 11 more that will be eligible to retire within the next five years. Generations of Faith will ensure that all levels of our clergy will be supported long-term.

Pledges are faith-based, and are driven by our
own goodwill, thus not legally binding in any
way. Unanticipated events or situations can
occur. If financial circumstances change, a
donor may contact the campaign office to
adjust, pause or cancel their pledge at (251)

Donors may choose to fulfill their pledges
monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
The Archdiocese of Mobile will process each
gift and provide a gift acknowledgement
letter confirming the preferred schedule for
payment reminders. Since the Archdiocese of
Mobile will be handling the processing of gifts,
all checks should be made out to
“Generations of Faith.”

Yes, Generations of Faith accepts publicly
traded securities as payments on pledges, as
well as deferred gifts. Inquiries regarding
stock gifts can be handled by contacting the
campaign office at (251) 438-9668.

Prayer is at the heart of the Gospel. Every
family will be asked to pray for the success of
Generations of Faith, as well the Archdiocese
of Mobile. Additionally, every pastor will
require volunteer support to ensure
successful local campaigns. If you are
interested in helping in any way, please
contact your parish or the campaign office at
(251) 438-9668.