Campaign Plan

Every parish and mission throughout the Archdiocese of Mobile will participate in the Generations of Faith - Endowing Our Future with Hope campaign. Each will have their fair share goal and will benefit by receiving a portion of the funds collected at their parish.

The 83 parishes and missions that make up the Archdiocese of Mobile will be broken into 3 groups which will conduct the campaign in 3 different Blocs of activity. Each Bloc is approximately 6 months long, during this time each parish will be provided with a campaign director and resources to run a successful campaign.

The goals of each parish represent a fair share of the overall $30 million campaign goal. These goals are based on the following formula: The average of 3 years (2016, 2017, 2019) regular parish offertory multiplied by 125%. This is then rounded to the nearest $5,000.

Generations of Faith - Endowing Our Future with Hope
campaign is based on 5 principles:

5 ps

1. Prayer:

Prayer is central to every part of the campaign. Everything comes from God and through prayer, we invite and give thanks for the many blessings He bestows on our efforts. When asking for gifts, we will ask for and seek prayerful decisions. 

2. Personal Approach:

Personal requests for gifts are the most effective way to raise funds. They allow for a fellow faith-filled Catholic to answer questions and share their common identities. Humbling oneself to explain the case for support, ask for a gift and to secure a decision in a face-to-face manner will be the central mechanism for success in this campaign.

3. Proportionate Requests: 

We are all blessed differently which is why proportionate requests will be utilized in this campaign. Specific requests, proportionate to one’s past giving will allow all donors to sacrifice equally even though the gifts may not be equal.

4. Phased Approach: 

When tackling a historic endeavor, steps must be taken to make the effort manageable. A phased approach allows us to accomplish the tasks needed throughout the campaign and creates momentum. Each phase is carefully tailored to build upon one another in search of a monumental campaign finish.

5. Pledged Commitments:

We encourages pledges and gifts paid over a 5-year period. Five-year-pledges are sought to give households greater “giving power”. Large commitments are easier over a longer period of time. A household who may have never considered a major gift, may now have the ability because of the lengthened giving period. Other forms of giving are possible and can be arranged directly with the campaign office. We encourage gifts that can be actualized immediately for the designated campaign case elements.